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If you are headed for the kitchen, Chef Chuck Kerber has compiled an abundance of Weekly Recipes that span everything from traditional culinary classics to innovative, new vegetarian recipes that will please even the most discerning vegetarian foodie. Become a master chef in kitchen with valuable tips from Chef Chuck Kerber which are all kitchen-tested.

The Cooks and Eats philosophy is to eat food prepared with proper cooking techniques, and the best seasonal ingredients available. Whether you are eating in or eating out it doesn’t matter—the goal is to make smarter, healthier, and tastier choices every single day.

Recipe of the Week

Chef Catherine
Vegetarian Cauliflower Crust Pizza

    Vegetarian Cauliflower Crust Pizza   Have you ever come across a Glutard?  Ok, that’s a bit harsh, but there are people …


Cooking Tips

Perfect Pies
Tips for Perfect Pies

  Pies are difficult to make- I’ve been known to throw a few crusts across the kitchen in frustration. Over the years I …


Restaurant Reviews

Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkin’ Donuts

  I frequent the Dunkin’ Donuts on Grant Street. We often have clients that want early-morning meetings at the club, and they always …


Food News


  I’ve been a professional chef for 25 years.  During this time I have been asked to endorse, and write about many different …



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