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Chocolate Honey Roasted Peanut Cookies
Date March 8, 2011
Author creative

Chocolate Honey Roasted Peanut Cookies

Double Chocolate Honey Roasted Peanut Cookies

These are some of the best cookies you can make. I mean look, there’s one pound of melted semi-sweet chocolate in the batter! Everyone I have made this recipe for loves it. Give it a try- you’ll love the combination of sweet, salty, and decadent chocolate.

Enjoy with a tall, cold glass of milk!
Cookie Ingredients
Chopped Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Chopped Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Chocolate cookies before baking

Chef Chuck Kerber

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4 Responses to Chocolate Honey Roasted Peanut Cookies

  1. pajamadeen says:

    Chef Chuck is not lying – These are the BEST chocolate chip cookies on the planet!

  2. Polly Motzko says:

    Dear Chuck,
    Would you add this recipe to THE COOKIE JAR on my site? With the Ning Network all you have to do is just copy and paste the whole thing, pictures and all! It has the ability to do that. I WOULD BE SOOOOOOO

    BTW, I re-tweeted about 4 of your best recipes of the day on Twitter and also your company Chaz Catering as well. I hope you get some business out of it.

    You are such an amazing person and so young.
    Sometime I would love to talk to you by phone about what I can charge if I were to become someone’s personal chef here…just for asking. I was asked by two people about that, so I am trying to educate myself on it.

    My grandfather was a chef as my Nanny was a personal chef …and loved the job…one of her fondest memories.
    Polly Motzko
    June 17th, 2011
    3:16 p.m.

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