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How to Cook Rice
Date March 29, 2010
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How to Cook Rice

How to Cook Rice

Recently, I’ve been asked my many people how to cook rice.  Most people think that cooking rice is easy, but it can actually be difficult.  Often the rice comes out undercooked, overcooked, or clumpy; all things you want to avoid.  Let’s start with the basics.  Regardless of what type of rice you’re going to make, rinse it thoroughly in a pan.  As you let the water wash away the impurities, you will notice that the water is cloudy.  This is excess starch, and excess starch can cause the rice to become gummy and stick together.  Continue rinsing the rice until the water runs clear- this will indicate that you have washed away all of the excess starch and loose kernels.  With your clean rice in the bottom of your cooking pan, add enough water to cover, and add an additional inch of H2O.  After you have added the water, add a small amount of seasoning (salt and pepper).  Put on high heat, and let the rice/water mixture come to a boil, then reduce to a simmer.  Allow the rice to cook for at least 20 minutes before checking it.  Check the kernels by tasting them; they should be firm to the bite, not soft.  With brown rice, you will need to let it cook for an additional 20 minutes before testing.  Remove the rice from the burner, and let sit covered for 15-20 minutes.  Remove the cover from the rice, fluff with a fork, and serve.

Instead of using water, try chicken stock; it adds extra flavor.  Remember, whole kernel brown rice is the best for you nutritionally!

Happy Cooking!

Chef Chuck Kerber

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3 Responses to How to Cook Rice

  1. Nick says:

    I agree with your procedure for cooking the grains, however; I do not agree with the fact that every rice should be rinsed. They are several kinds of rice that do not require rinsing and still yield a remarkably fluffy pot of rice.

    I have NEVER rinsed brown rice, there really is no need to do so. It has an outer bran, which is the primary reason it takes so long to cook. I’m sure you are aware of this!

    Your blogs are great and I read them often, but on this one, I HAVE TO DISAGREE. sorry. 😉

  2. Chef Chuck says:


    I appreciate your reply. It’s important to rinse all rice before it’s cooked not just to rid the grains of impurities and excess starch, but to also wash away dirt, and any other potentially “unclean” particles that may have found their way into the bag.

    Chef Chuck

  3. Robert Geczi says:

    Yes, I agree. You should rinse rice before cooking.

    Currently, I am living in China, and that is how we do it here. Before, when I was in Canada, people hardly rinsed their rice. For the most part, I believe it’s because they used white rice out of the box or whatever, and they just assumed it was cleaned for them already.

    But yeah, it’s important to rinse. Here in China, when buying rice at the open market, people will put their hands in the bags to get a closer look at the grain. Their hands obviously haven’t been washed before doing this, so rinsing is a MUST.

    Great site by the way.

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