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Packs and Dogs Beer Fest II

Saturday evening, Ryan and I met up with some of his dude friends at our local Beer Fest. The event, sponsored by Packs and Dogs (Shiloh Street, Mt Washington), offered drinkers a chance to sample more than 100 craft beers! Redbeard’s provided some hot, delicious bar food. Breweries sent their friendliest and most knowledgeable folks to acquaint attendees with their beer. What more could I ask for?

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Holiday Cocktail Recipes

My roommate and I first made this drink last year. We were thinking we could have a martini before we started hauling the tree trimmings up from the basement. They are delicious, a perfect wintery cocktail. A note of Christmas caution: These drinks are VERY strong. You may feel tipsy after only one, and by three, you may be seeing flying reindeer. (We ended up blowing off the Christmas tree that night, and drank two more of these instead.)

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