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Crab Stuffed Sole Recipe
Date April 15, 2013
Author creative

Crab Stuffed Sole with Lemon Cream Sauce

Crab Stuffed Sole Recipe

Crab Stuffed Sole with Lemon Cream Sauce

Sole is a delicate fish, and is usually best served stuffed and baked. I’ve made this Crab Stuffed Sole recipe on many occasions, and it’s always a big hit.


Chef Chuck Kerber

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10 Responses to Crab Stuffed Sole Recipe

  1. This recipe is amazing, and very easy. I’m making it for guests tonight and I know they will love it as much as I do! I add a little chopped fresh basil to the stuffing, you should try that.

  2. Jen says:

    Can I use fresh crab with the same baking time?

  3. Connie Hall says:

    Could i use dressing that you buy for thanksgiving or do i have to use breadcrumbs?

  4. Beth says:

    Am I reading this wrong? Two TABLESPOONS of fresh ground pepper (1 each in filling and sauce)? I used no more than 1/2 teaspoon all together and found even that much overwhelmed the other flavors.

  5. Heather M. Last Whipple says:

    what do I do if a cannot find Sole in my grocery stores here in Elkins West Virginia?
    what other fish can I use that would work in this recipe in place of the sole? please let me by e-mailing me soon.

  6. Edward Szczerba says:

    Good evening Chef, how would I go about signing up for your website? As a retired chef myself I like your style! Thank you!

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