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Ice Cream Recipe

When of the best parts about summer is ice cream- cold, frozen cream with sugar… yum. When I was a kid, my father would take me to Baskin Robbins. “Don’t tell your Mom we had ice cream before dinner, she’ll get mad,” he would say. We would always order the same thing- two scoops of chocolate fudge ice cream on a sugar cone; extra napkins to wipe away the evidence, please. In the two miles that it took to get home, we would finish our cones. My father would look in the rear-view mirror to make sure he didn’t have any signs of chocolate on his face; then he would make sure I was clean as well. My mom never suspected, but I imagine she was curious when my dad and I only had a few bites of dinner.

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Cold Stone Creamery, Pittsburgh

’ve been an ice cream fan for some time now. Heavy cream, sugar, and chocolate…what’s not to like? Not all ice creams are created equal. Some have little flavor, and bad texture. Some use chemical fillers, and have gooey chunks of candy in them. In my opinion, here are a few things that make quality ice cream. First of all, the percentage of butterfat superiority- the higher the butterfat content, the better the flavor. Secondly, the density of the ice cream also determines quality. The less air in the product, the better ice cream you’re going to have. This being said, I’ve been in search for the perfect scoop of ice cream for a while now.

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Ice Cream

When I was a kid, my parents would drive my sisters and I out to the Kerber Dairy farm in Irwin. Once every few years, the Kerbers (my cousins) would have a family reunion, and invite the entire extended family. Kerbers would come from all over the state, probably close to a hundred in all. We would play lawn darts, eat roasted pig, and most importantly, devour large amounts of ice cream.

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