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Esta Esta, Monroeville, PA

I rarely turn down Italian food, so when I was asked to go to Esta Esta last week I happily accepted. I had never been to the Italian eatery in Monroeville, PA, and wasn’t even aware of it’s existence.

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El Burro, Regent Square

I had never ben to El Burro before, but had heard good things. “It’s the first real Mexican food I have had since moving to Pittsburgh,” I overheard at Get-Go while filling my tank with gas.

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GoodFellas, Swissvale

If you haven’t heard of GoodFellas, you’re not alone. Nestled in a small business district on McCague St., the bar/eatery attracts local clientele with it’s reasonably priced drinks, and excellent homemade food.

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Peace Love and Little Donuts

When I came upon Peace Love and Little Donuts in Monroeville, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. The name threw me a bit, and the building was oddly shaped. I had to investigate.

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Drew’s Family Restaurant

Drew’s Family Restaurant has been serving the Pittsburgh area for over 100 years. Located at 2060 Ardmore Boulevard, the semi-famous eatery is well known for serving homemade, quality food. We arrived early in the morning for breakfast on a Wednesday, and the place was bustling with a hungry breakfast crowd.

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There’s a large selection of burger places in Pittsburgh, and I’ve tried them all. It’s difficult to mess up a hamburger really- all you really need is a good ground meat mixture, proper seasoning, and the right cooking technique.

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Uno Chicago Grill, Waterfront

The Waterfront is always bustling with hungry diners on Saturday night. This particular evening, it was a balmy 91 degrees in the shade, so we weren’t surprised that there were plenty of outside tables available at Uno Chicago Grill.

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Pittsburgh Taco Festival

PITTSBURGH – People in Pittsburgh are preparing for the inaugural Pittsburgh Taco Festival Sunday, Oct. 2, at Hop Farm Brewing on 56thStreet in Lawrenceville.

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Sand Hill Berries

Sand Hill Berries, one of the vendors at the market, was my first stop. The berries they had on display vibrant, and looked wonderful. In addition to pints of fresh blackberries, there were black and red currants. Also on display were Sand Hill’s baked goods. Merle, the friendly worker urged me to try the currants, “They’re tangy, and become sweet when cooked.” Emmariah, another Sandhill Berries employee, began opening boxes of their baked goods, explaining to me how fresh all of the ingredients were that are used in their preparation. I had purchased pies from this booth before, and was very pleased with the product.

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Wiener World, Pittsburgh, PA

Wiener World will be celebrating its 51st anniversary this month. An established Pittsburgh restaurant, the hot dog shop has been providing hungry patrons with all-natural casing hot dogs, and other quality fare for decades.

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