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Pasqualino’s Italian Eatery, Murrysville

    Pasqualino’s Italian Eatery, Murrysville   It’s been a while since I’ve tried any new restaurants in Pittsburgh.  I’ve gone out to …

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Simpatico Espresso

  Simpatico Espresso is located in the old Acloa Building (the Regional Enterprise Tower), and has been serving customers since May of 2006.  …

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Dunkin’ Donuts

  I frequent the Dunkin’ Donuts on Grant Street. We often have clients that want early-morning meetings at the club, and they always …

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Francesco’s Italian Restaurant, Clairton, PA

  Francesco’s Italian restaurant is located off of 51 in Clairton, PA.  It isn’t a large eatery, probably 50 seats total.  I noticed …

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Cenacolo, North Huntingoton, PA

      I’m constantly asked, “Where can you get authentic Italian food in Pittsburgh?”  Until recently, I didn’t have an answer.  Last …

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Angelo’s, Washington, PA

The very best fried zucchini I’ve ever tasted was at Angelo’s restaurant in Washington, PA. These particular slices of zucchini were perfectly ripe. Instead of traditional breading (I always make mine with panko for that extra crunch) they were battered and fried. The coating was crunchy and delicious. Each strand of fried zucchini become increasingly delicious as I sampled it with the homemade marinara and spicy horseradish sauce ($10.00)

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Back Porch Restaurant, Belle Vernon, PA

Every once in a while I come across a restaurant with real character. These eating establishments are usually small, have a loyal following, and have been around for years. The Back Porch Restaurant in Belle Vernon is quaint, comfortable, and most importantly, serves excellent food.

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The Map Room, Regent Square

I met a friend out for dinner last night. Initially I was in the mood for deep-fried goodness, so we ventured to D’s Six Pax and Dogz. Unfortunately, D’s doesn’t serve food after 10pm on the weekends. Luckily, The Map Room was open, and the kitchen was still making food.

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Vanilla Pastry Studio, Regent Square

I was excited when I heard that Vanilla Pastry Studio was coming to Regent Square- baked goodies are my favorite. Vanilla is located in busy Regent Square, on bustling Braddock Avenue. The newly constructed building sits next to Typhoon; there’s plenty of parking in front of the store. The facade of the building is contemporary, and covered with large panes of glass. When I walked into Vanilla I was immediately received with the aromatic, sweet smell of cupcakes- yum.

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Roman Bistro, Pittsburgh, PA

I enjoy Italian food… a lot. Rich melted cheeses, lasagna, pasta, red sauce and meatballs- what’s not to like? I had never heard of Roman Bistro on Ardmore Boulevard until today- apparently I’ve been out of the Italian restaurant food-loop for quite some time.

Roma Bistro is a large restaurant, with a seating capacity of 150. Upon entry you can’t help but notice the large bar stretches half the length of the front eating area. Another, more private dining area is located past the bar, ideal for private gatherings.

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