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Esta Esta, Monroeville, PA

I rarely turn down Italian food, so when I was asked to go to Esta Esta last week I happily accepted. I had never been to the Italian eatery in Monroeville, PA, and wasn’t even aware of it’s existence.

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El Burro, Regent Square

I had never ben to El Burro before, but had heard good things. “It’s the first real Mexican food I have had since moving to Pittsburgh,” I overheard at Get-Go while filling my tank with gas.

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Villa Reale, Pittsburgh

There are no shortages of Italian restaurants in Pittsburgh. Most of them are good and serve traditional, uncomplicated fare. Pizza, hoagies, subs, and antipasto salads are on the menus. These dishes are designed to be served to lunch customers that are in a rush, and need to get back to work quickly. Down the alley from the club is one such restaurant, Villa Reale.

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Noodles and Company

When it was suggested that we go to Noodles and Company in Monroeville, I was skeptical. It was the middle of the afternoon, and I didn’t want pasta, but something lighter. Turns out, the restaurant has a large selections of light, fresh salads as in addition to a vast selection of pasta.

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Pittsburgh Taco Festival

PITTSBURGH – People in Pittsburgh are preparing for the inaugural Pittsburgh Taco Festival Sunday, Oct. 2, at Hop Farm Brewing on 56thStreet in Lawrenceville.

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Wiener World, Pittsburgh, PA

Wiener World will be celebrating its 51st anniversary this month. An established Pittsburgh restaurant, the hot dog shop has been providing hungry patrons with all-natural casing hot dogs, and other quality fare for decades.

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Ristorante Arlecchino, McMurray, PA

Ristorante Arlecchino is located at 133 Camp Lane, in Mcmurray, PA. Previously a schoolhouse, the restaurant embodies comfort, and old-world charm. The main dining room is inviting and warm, with an open kitchen where you can see the talent at work.

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Bravo Franco, Pittsburgh, PA

The show started out well, but quickly became a bit overwhelming and repetitive- a sensory overload to say the least. When the lights came on, and the intermission bell chimed, we decided to skip the second act (along with many other folks) and have an early dinner. We chose Bravo Franco, located at 613 Penn Avenue, because of its close proximity to the theater.

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Istanbul Sofra, Pittsburgh, PA

Many different restaurants have occupied the space at 7600 Forbes Avenue in Regent Square. One of the busiest intersections in Pittsburgh, it would …

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Burgatory, Pittsburgh, PA

A considerable amount of burger joints have popped up in Pittsburgh over the past few years. BRGR (check out my review HERE), Burgatory, and Winghart’s all have multiple locations in the area. I recently got to sample the fare at Burgatory at the Waterworks.

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