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Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh, PA
Date July 18, 2012
Author Chef Chuck

Primanti Brothers

Primanti Brothers

A Pittsburgh tradition, Primanti Brothers has several locations throughout the city. Whenever I have friends visiting, I take them to this famous Pittsburgh sandwich shop. So, what makes Primanti’s so special? The enormous sandwiches and how they are made. Huge portions of meats, french fries (served on the sandwich) crisp coleslaw and the doughy, Italian bread make up the legendary sandwich.

I recently had the opportunity to eat one of the delicious creations a few nights ago. The place was packed with late night partiers. The line was long, but the skilled sandwich makers were easily keeping up with the demands of the customers. The woman behind the bar was slicing through the thick Italian bread at record pace as she flipped eggs and meat on the grill. When the meat is cooked the sandwiches are completed. They’re topped with fresh-cut fries, homemade coleslaw, and tomatoes. They’re placed on a large sheet of butcher paper, and viola, you have your sandwich.

The first bite is always the best. You have to position the mega-sandwich correctly in order to get your choppers around it. A little hot sauce is the perfect accompaniment for the fries and slaw inside.

As we left Primanti’s satiated, and I noticed the droves of new customers were coming in.

It’s nice to live in a city with famous sandwiches.

Chef Chuck Kerber

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