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Homemade Restaurant Style French Fries

Have you ever tried to make French fries at home only to find yourself with potatoes that are overcooked on the outside and hard on the inside? Well, there is a way to make delicious French fries at home that taste just like the ones you like from your favorite fast food restaurant!

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Burgatory, Pittsburgh, PA

Burgatory was great! It is much better than Brgr, which I also tried recently. We went yesterday evening – I know it’s popular right now and I wanted to avoid the wait, we still waited about 35 minutes and it was PACKED.

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Drover’s Inn, Wellsburg, West Virginia

My love affair with hot meat began about fifteen years ago at a place called Drovers Inn in my hometown. After swim meets or football games, family and friends would crowd into the rustic restaurant, and devour baskets upon baskets of hot wings and cheese fries.

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The Pleasure Bar, Bloomfield

Good, but not great Italian cuisine at the Pleasure Bar in Bloomfield.

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Mullaney’s Harp and Fiddle, Pittsburgh, PA

I CAN’T believe I had never been to Harp and Fiddle before! I’d always wanted to go, but somehow, I never made it down to the Irish pub in the Strip District. Finally, Saturday night (afternoon), Ryan and I met up with John and Dana and friends and had a ROWDY time.

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Buffalo Blues, Shadyside

When you walk into Buffalo Blues, you’ll notice a few flat-screen televisions, and a large bar. Past the entry way, there’s a small dining room, and behind that, another large room- probably enough seating to accommodate 100 people comfortably. The large wooden planked walls are ornamented with various beer signs and other typical bar-type memorabilia. I was mostly interested in the faint smell of hot oil cooking- that meant something was being deep-fried!

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Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, PA

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a thick, buttery filet mignon as much as the next carnivore. But I gotta say, hot dogs have a special place in my (cholesterol-saturated) heart.

I have been hearing about Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe for years. Like the O in Oakland and D’s SixPax & Dogz in Regent Square, Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe specializes in wieners. I find it odd that a restaurant would stake it’s whole business model on a food that is probably the easiest food in the world to cook. You could cook your dog with a Zippo, if you really had to. I suppose that speaks to what the hot dog means to us as a country: fast to cook, easy to eat, and lots and lots of choices when it comes to condiments.

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Brgr, Pittsburgh

The new restaurant, Brgr, can be described as a contemporary burger joint, with a heavy dose of sophistication. Brgr, located at 134 South Highland Avenue, enjoys a prime location in the east section of town that has recently experienced a rejuvenation of sorts. New businesses have been popping up in this section of the city, attracting a diverse and loyal clientele.

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Piper’s Pub, Pittsburgh, PA

Last August, I went to Piper’s Pub on a first date. I was a little nervous. I don’t remember what I wore. I don’t remember eating or drinking anything. I could probably take a good guess about what the floor looked like because I’m sure I was staring at it all evening. For some unfathomable reason, the silly boy I went out with stuck around, and we went there again last week for a laid-back dinner. It’s really a shame I don’t remember that first dinner at Piper’s, because I’m sure it was lovely.

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Silky’s Pub, Pittsburgh, PA

Two of my favorite things in the world are hockey and hot wings. They go together so well! There is nothing better than watching the Pens with a beer and a basket full of hot meat. I suppose I would be happy to enjoy my favorite pastime anywhere, but the place I go most of the time is called Silky’s Pub.

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