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Mekong Restaurant, Pittsburgh, PA

We stopped into Mekong Asian Restaurant on Potomac Avenue after a movie premier for some late night chow. Asian food is delicious and always appropriate when you have the late-night munchies.

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Isabela on Grandview, Pittsburgh, PA

Isabela on Grandview, Pittsburgh, PA

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The Porch at Schenley, Pittsburgh, PA

Parkhurst, the food service and Restaurant Company best associated with the Smiley Face Cookie has been branching out in recent years. New concepts are popping up in the area with not a single Superburger on the menu. One of these new concepts can be found in Schenley Plaza. The Porch at Schenley

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Szmidt’s Old World Deli, Pittsburgh, PA

I was browsing Urbanspoon’s Talk of the Town List when I discovered Szmidt’s Old World Deli. I love a great deli, but I wondered what made this one so special.

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Meat and Potatoes, Pittsburgh, PA

The first time I went to Meat & Potatoes, I had a ball. The service was great, the food seemed great, the drinks…a little too great. I got tipsy. Not sloppy fall-down drunk, just buzzed enough to render my memories of the evening a little hazy. I went with a big group of friends and I left feeling happy and satisfied. I felt I should go a second time for the review. Amy joined me for my do-over dinner.

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Burgatory, Pittsburgh, PA

Burgatory was great! It is much better than Brgr, which I also tried recently. We went yesterday evening – I know it’s popular right now and I wanted to avoid the wait, we still waited about 35 minutes and it was PACKED.

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Cafe du Jour, East Carson Street, PA

One day you may find yourself slightly tipsy, yet trying to avoid drowning in the greasy quagmire that is typical South Side fare. Fear not, for there’s an escape located at 1107 E Carson St. If you don’t stumble by the unassuming storefront, you’ll find Chef Paul Krawiec preparing rustic French cuisine with the kind of care and confidence that compels one to make their next reservation on the way out.

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La Feria, Shadyside, PA

There’s a small restaurant above Pamela’s in Shadyside, by the name of La Feria. Climb a small set of stairs, walk past the Latin American souvenirs, and you’ll come up a small dining room with chairs. The odd placement of La Feria makes it almost unrecognizable as a full-service restaurant.

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The Loft, Pittsburgh, PA

Katie and I were spent; too much going on in our lives- we needed a few drinks to help us unwind. It was a typical Thursday night in Regent Square; pedestrians were out picking up their dry-cleaning (trying not to get hit by cars as they crossed Braddock Avenue), having dinner, and running errands. We weren’t interested in doing anything productive- we needed cold beer and talk-therapy. Neither of us had been to The Loft, so we decided to give it a try.

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Square Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

If you live in the east end of town (or any other suburb of Pittsburgh) you’ve most likely heard of Square Café in Regent Square (412-244-8002).

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